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VP Global Market Access

VP Global Market Access

Vice President Global Market Access

The primary mission of the Vice President Market Access is to maximize market access for ARC’s medical devices for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions.

• Love helping patients
• Have a fearless personality and the desire to change the world
• Perform remarkably or fail big, rather than perform adequately
• Figure out how to fix it instead of who’s to blame
• Prefer to wear jeans

ARC Medical is developing and commercializing novel, first-in-class solutions to prevent post-surgical adhesions – which if not prevented cause pain & suffering, organ dysfunction, infertility, and death; and for which there is a dire unmet medical need.
Our products are non-viscous, liquid, polysaccharide-based medical devices. We’re building our manufacturing facility and implementing quality systems now. We anticipate obtaining first approvals, to be immediately followed by post-market trials, in the fall of this year.

• Work to positively transform the health of millions of surgery patients
• Care more about your creativity, intelligence and values than your experience
• Are building a start-up: a normal work week is minimum 60 hours
• Are implementing efficient systems in the midst of scale-up chaos
• Aren’t afraid to make mistakes

• Determine the priority for developing each surgical ‘indication’ and country/location for ARC’s products, based on predicted reimbursement, regulatory approval, hospital uptake, surgeon adoption, patient adoption, researcher adoption, company interest in acquisition or distribution, and any other relevant stakeholders.
• Determine the optimal pricing for ARC’s products.
• Determine optimal clinical study, post-market trial, and registration designs, including clinical and economic outcomes, based on the requirements of patients, payers, regulators, hospitals, surgeons, researchers, companies interested in acquisition or distribution, and any other relevant stakeholders.
• Based on the priorities determined for each surgical ‘indication’ and country/location, ensure maximum reimbursement and adoption of ARC’s products by:
o Obtaining strong safety, effectiveness and economic data
o Providing a compelling clinical value proposition and clear healthcare economics
o Obtaining endorsement from professional medical societies & their guidelines
o Obtaining endorsement from patient groups.
o Obtaining endorsement from KOLs.
o Developing surgeon champions in payer committees.
o Developing surgeon champions in relevant hospital committees.
o Working with marketing folks to develop and provide the most effective message to patients, payers, hospital administrators, surgeons, researchers, companies interested in acquisition or distribution, and any other relevant stakeholders
o Determining and executing other, most relevant strategies.

• Obtained coverage decisions from payers in multiple countries
o Reviewed clinical and health economic literature to understand implications for value to payers
o Designed and conducted research to support clinical and economic value propositions
o Developed global value dossiers
o Built strong relationships with payers and providers
• First-hand global pricing
o hospital pricing, processes and strategies
o pricing databases
o and strategic pricing and contracting
• First-hand product launch
• Leadership roles

• People: we have a superstar team that’s smart, creative, driven and fun to work with (also a bit goofy)
• Cash: an average to fair salary reflective of experience
• Options: extremely generous stock options (no cash bonuses – this is a great position for someone who wants to use their leadership and hands-on skills to build a company towards a large exit – and if/when we succeed, have a big stock hit)
• Perks: considerable health & dental coverage; and Friday beer o’clock

We are an equal opportunity employer and evaluate applicants without regard to race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Tell us in eight sentences or less why you’re interested in ARC and how your past accomplishments show what unique contributions you can make to our Team, including how you will maximize market access for ARC’s medical devices. Email your cover letter and CV, preferably in pdf, to
Due to the anticipated volume of responses, we will contact only those candidates who most closely match our requirements.