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Surgical Adhesions

Surgical Adhesions

Surgical adhesions are the result of abnormal wound healing between adjacent tissues following a surgical procedure. Usually due to surgical trauma, the body initiates a complex inflammatory response in which tissues that normally remain separated in the body become physically attached to each other. Surgical adhesions cause dysfunction and pain in millions of patients worldwide and are a leading cause of failed surgeries, bowel obstruction and infertility.

Surgical adhesions are challenging to prevent because they form not only between organs that come in contact with a surgeon’s gloves and instruments, but they also form between tissues that are not handled by the surgeon. There is an unmet need for a product that prevents surgical adhesions both at the surgical site and distant from the surgical site. If there was an easily administered product that effectively prevented the formation of these adhesions it would be expected that human and veterinary surgeons would quickly incorporate this product into nearly all surgeries in which surgical adhesions are an important complication. ARC is exploiting this unmet need by developing Fucoidan based products.

The Formation of Surgical Adhesions

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