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Product Summary


ARC Medical Devices is developing a Fucoidan based product, for the reduction of surgical adhesions in humans. The product will have many advantages over the marketed competition in the field of preventing surgical adhesions. The product should be easier to administer, more effective at reducing the number of surgical adhesions, and more effective at reducing the severity of surgical adhesions than any device currently marketed for the prevention of surgical adhesions. The initial studies have indicated that ARC’s product could revolutionize the field of adhesion prevention and become standard practice once approved, reducing the number and severity of adhesions by 65% and 76% respectively.



One of the product’s two main advantages is its ease of application. It is administered directly to the surgery site at the end of a surgical procedure prior to the final closing of the site. It is very difficult to predict exactly where adhesions will form, and these product’s liquid form allows them to flow throughout and coat the entire surgical site with the polymer while other products must be directly applied to the specific site where they hope to prevent adhesions. By covering the entire surgical site, ARC’s products do not require the same precision and are more effective at preventing adhesions throughout the entire surgical area. Furthermore, the direct application required by the currently marketed products may inadvertently cause additional adhesions.
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Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action is thought to be due to the product’s physical form. These propriety liquid medical devices consist of a sulphated, high molecular weight polysaccharide called Fucoidan dissolved in a physiological salt solution. These solutions are easily administered at the end of a surgical procedure immediately prior to the final closing of the surgical site. When applied, the solution will flow throughout the surgical site and coat the tissues with the polymer, separating any damaged areas for the first stages of tissue repair. The solution is then broken down into simple sugars and metabolized by the body, leaving the surgical site free of adhesions and the coating.


Pre-Clinical Data

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Intellectual Property

The Company holds exclusive intellectual property related to the prevention of surgical adhesions. Surgical adhesions are a major complication in a high proportion of common surgical procedures that cause pain, organ dysfunction, infertility, and death in millions of patients worldwide.