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Fucans, Fucoidans and Surgical Adhesions

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


The Company holds exclusive intellectual property related to the prevention of surgical adhesions. Surgical adhesions are a major complication in a high proportion of common surgical procedures that cause pain, organ dysfunction, infertility, and death in millions of patients worldwide.


Fucan–Dendrimer Based Compounds and Complexes

Compositions, systems, methods, etc., related to fucan-dendrimer complexes wherein a
fucan molecule is linked or otherwise attached to a dendrimer. For example, the current compositions can comprise fucan covalently linked, conjugated, attached, tagged, adducted, bound, etc., to a dendrimer. These fucan-dendrimer complexes include fucan-hyperbranched polyglycerol, fucan-hyperbranched poly(glycerol ester), fucan-hyperbranched poly(1,3-diether), fucan-poly(3-ethyl-3-(hydroxymethyl)oxetane), fucan-hyperbranched polyesters, fucan- hyperbranched polyethylene, fucan-hyperbranched polystyrene, fucan-hyperbranched poly(urea- urethanes), fucan-hyperbranched polyethyleneimine, fucan-hyperbranched poly(amido amine)s, fucan-hyperbranched polyphosphates, fucan-hyperbranched polypeptides, fucan-hyperbranched polysaccharides, fucan-hyperbranched polyacrylates and fucan-hyperbranched beta-cyclodextrin. These fucan-dendrimer complexes may be used in medically and/or pharmaceutically effective compositions, for a plurality of applications, including the treatment of fibrous adhesions. In some embodiments, the fucan is fucoidan.
Fucan-Dendrimer Based Compounds and Complexes (PDF)

Fucan-Dendrimer Based Compounds and Complexes 2 (PDF)