Product Summary

ARC has a Fucoidan based product, PERIDAN® Concentrate, for the reduction of surgical adhesions in horses, foals and rabbits. This propriety liquid medical device consists of a sulphated, high molecular weight polysaccharide in a physiological salt solution. PERIDAN® Concentrate is administered at the end of a surgical procedure immediately prior to the final closing of the surgical site. PERIDAN® Concentrate has been shown in clean and clean-contaminated foal and horse surgical studies to safely reduce the number and strength of post-surgical adhesions. Visit


PERIDAN® Concentrate is in early preclinical testing for the human market.



ARC’s product has two competitive advantages:

  1. significantly greater efficacy in preclinical models than two marketed products; and
  2. greater ease of use.

PERIDAN® Concentrate has been shown in preclinical animal models to be a safe, effective, easily administered, liquid medical device that flows throughout the surgical site, preventing surgical adhesions from forming between those tissues that are handled by the surgeon and those that form distant from the surgical site.

These advantages result in decreased surgery time and reduced risk for patients and surgeons. Consequently, Fucoidan based products have the potential to become the standard of care in nearly all surgeries in which surgical adhesions are an important complication.


Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action of PERIDAN® Concentrate in the prevention of the formation of adhesions is thought to be due to the products’ physical form.  These medical devices provide a barrier and prevent adhesions from forming.  These products separate the tissue surfaces during the early stages of tissue repair with a coating of polymer (PERIDAN®) remaining on the surfaces.


Pre-Clinical Data

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