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    • ARC Medical Devices Inc. is a privately owned company dedicated to reducing pain and suffering caused by adhesions arising from surgeries through its innovative medical device products. Surgical adhesions are a major complication in a high proportion of common surgical procedures, and cause pain and dysfunction in millions of patients worldwide. ARC Medical Devices Inc. holds exclusive intellectual property, in-licensed from the University of British Columbia, related to the prevention of surgical adhesions.

      ARC launched its first product, PERIDAN® Concentrate, in the veterinary market for the prevention of surgical adhesions in horses. Similar products are in preclinical development for the human market.



    • ARC Medical Devices Inc. 2016 Financial Statements Coming Soon!


    • ARC’s latest newsletter was sent to existing shareholders on November 14, 2016.



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    • The next Annual Meeting of the Shareholders will be held in the fall of 2016.